DOT sidewalk violation removed by repairing the sidewalks according to rules and regulations by Sidewalk Repairs Queens and covered by caution tape.

How Do I Get Rid of a Sidewalk Violation in NYC?

Are you a property owner concerned about sidewalk violations in New York City? Dealing with sidewalk violations can be a difficult task, but with the help of professionals, you can resolve the issue easily. 

When there is a sidewalk violation in New York City, take it seriously. The consequences depend on the nature of the violation. In some cases, the property owner may be issued a violation notice and given a certain period of time to correct the issue. 

In New York City,  property owners are responsible for removing a sidewalk violation. Property owners can remove it by themselves or by hiring an expert. According to the DOT, the government of the city is only responsible for repairing public sidewalks.

What are Sidewalk Violations?

The Department of Transportation issues official notices of sidewalk violations, which indicate that the sidewalk needs to be in better condition. There can be many reasons why a sidewalk violation might be issued to a property owner. 

Moreover, cracking, uneven surfaces, and tree roots might be considered hazardous and can cause violations. To avoid fines and penalties, a property owner must take rapid action for sidewalk violation removal.

Causes of Sidewalk Violation 

In the majority of cases, a sidewalk might get damaged due to improper maintenance and installation, which can lead to a violation. In addition to poor installation, there are other reasons, such as severe weather, tree roots growing through the concrete of the sidewalk, high foot traffic, etc and then getting a DOT sidewalk violation notice.

Furthermore, it is the responsibility of the property owner to get their sidewalks fixed to prevent violations, regardless of what caused the damage to the sidewalks on your property. Consequently, it is mandatory for property owners not to ignore these causes and to hire professional sidewalk violation removal contractors like sidewalk repair queens

By hiring experts, you can save yourself from hefty fines.

Steps to  Prevent Sidewalk Violation 

Getting rid of a sidewalk violation can be a difficult task if you do not have proper and complete knowledge and guidance. Get your sidewalk violation removed with a professional's help.

Let us give you a step-by-step guide to removing sidewalk violations.

Analyze the Violation Notice 

The first step to doing anything is understanding the issue. Before taking any action, look into the violations and review what type of repairs are needed. Pay close attention to every minor detail and keep in mind that without knowing the root cause of the problem, it might be difficult to find a possible solution.

Hire a Licensed Contractor 

A licensed and skilled company with extensive knowledge of dealing with sidewalk violations. Hiring a reputed company might ensure a proper evaluation, repair, and removal of the violation. Look for professionals who have proven track records and experience in providing quality work.

Obtain Permit

The next step, after analyzing and hiring, is to obtain a legal permit. A professional sidewalk violation NYC company will get the permit on your behalf.  The permit guarantees that the repair work is according to the violation and safe.

It is important for you to be aware that certain sidewalk infractions may call for multiple permits and may take longer to resolve. 

Complete the Repair 

After identifying the violations and hiring an experienced contractor, the next step is to begin the violation removal process. After that, the contractor will examine the magnitude of the violation and make a detailed plan for budget and repair. 

Schedule an Inspection

Keeping an eye on your sidewalk after getting it repaired is mandatory. Regular inspections might reduce the risk of further damage. By regularly cleaning with less harmful chemicals, a soft bristle brush, and mild soap, you can preserve the quality of the sidewalk.

Advantages of Removing Sidewalk Violations on Time

A well-maintained sidewalk not only removes the risk of pedestrian safety but also enhances your curb appeal. Some of the advantages are given below


The whole process of getting rid of sidewalk violations might be a frightening task for inexperienced contractors. Regardless, hiring a skilled sidewalk repair contractor will help you get the sidewalk violation fixed in no time.


I got a violation notice. How long do I have to fix the sidewalk?

The given time frame for repairing your damaged sidewalk is 75 days. A property owner is advised to fix their sidewalk within the given time period. 

What happens if I ignore the violation and don't fix the sidewalk?

Ignoring a violation notice and not fixing the sidewalk immediately can lead to potential consequences. It is important to take these violations seriously to prevent fines and penalties

My sidewalk is sinking. Is that a violation?

It could potentially be considered a violation if it poses a safety hazard. A damaged sidewalk can cause accidents and injuries to pedestrians walking by.

Can I use leftover concrete from another project for my repair? 

Yes, you can definitely use the leftover concrete from another project for sidewalk repair.  Just make sure that the concrete meets the required quality and is suitable for repair.