Revamp the Look of Your Concrete Patios and Give them a Cozy Look

Newly designed patios with modern furniture provide a safe, cozy, and relaxing space outside your property. You and your family members can have poolside parties, Sunday brunch, and barbeque parties on the patio. But what happens when the concrete patios start deteriorating and showing cracks, potholes, and signs of water pooling? Concrete patios are victims of nature's fluctuating temperatures, rain, and snow and, with time, can experience wear and tear. If your concrete patios are also showing signs of damage, you can trust our expertise for modern repairs. We are your top choice for the remarkable repair, replacement, and maintenance of your concrete patios. Reach out to us today and get our premium services.

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Patio Damages that We Fix

There are multiple concrete services that we provide, from repairs to replacement according to concrete permits by NYC Buildings. Let us tell you when you can hire our exceptional services for concrete patios.

  • Cracks: Concrete cracks, whether they are minor or major, can lead to water pooling. To fix cracks with a 1/8-inch width, we use patching or sealant work. For large cracks, we usually use concrete-repair caulk.
  • Water Pooling: Standing pools of water on your patio are a sign that you have drainage issues. To resolve this issue, we remove the concrete, compact the soil, and fix the drainage issue.
  • Surface deterioration: Insufficient cure time and poor construction can lead to concrete chipping. There is only one solution to fixing this problem and that is ripping off the whole patio and reconstructing it.
  • Old Patio: With time, the patio might show discoloration or signs of wear and tear. To make your concrete patios look new, we provide painting and stain removal services. You can also install pavers to give your patios a new look.

Why Hire our Concrete Patio Repair Service?

By hiring our patio repair services, you will not only be improving its appearance, but you will also get numerous benefits.

  • You can prevent future damages and avoid costly repairs
  • Create a safe and cozy space to prevent tripping hazards
  • Increase the longevity of your patio by resolving underlying issues
  • Enhance the overall curb appeal and value of your property

We also provide a Paver Installation Service

To revamp your concrete patios, we also install concrete patio pavers and give them a new look. Want to know what makes the installation of patio pavers an efficient choice?

Revamp Your Concrete Patios Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

A durable concrete patio must be at least a minimum of four inches thick so that it can manage the weight of people and furniture without breaking or showing cracks.
The general thickness of your concrete patio can be 4 inches but if you want to install a hot tub or outdoor concrete fireplace, you must install a 5 or 6-inch thick patio.
A 4-inch concrete patio can usually support up to 4000 pounds of weight without cracking if it is properly enforced. If it is unenforced, it might only hold up to 40 pounds of weight.
Concrete patios usually take 24 to 28 hours to harden but need 28 days to fully cure.