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Are you dealing with extremely damaged sidewalks and want DOT sidewalk violations removed? Trust our professional experts for premium services for extremely damaged sidewalks adjacent to your property. For your extremely damaged sidewalks, instead of repairing the sidewalks, we provide a complete replacement service. By replacing the concrete slabs, your sidewalks not only become appealing but also safe and functional for everyone to use.

Reach out to us today and get premium sidewalk replacement services from experts.

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Our Wide Range of Sidewalk Replacements

If you are facing any of the following issues, you can receive our concrete sidewalk replacement service.

  • Deep Cracks: Filling deep cracks is never a good solution, as the deep cracks might have caused water pooling and damage to the soil. For deep cracks, we completely replace the sidewalks.
  • Big Potholes: Patching up large potholes violates DOT regulations and is never a permanent solution. For reliable and aesthetically pleasing results, we provide complete sidewalk replacement.
  • Discolored Slabs: Discoloration is the main sign of water pooling beneath the concrete slabs. For discolored slabs, we remove the existing concrete and fix the soil before installing new sidewalks.
  • Rise in Level: A rise in the level of sidewalks due to water pooling, tree roots, and freeze-thaw cycles can cause people to trip and get injured. To abide by DOT regulations, we completely replace sidewalk slabs.

Our Replacement Process

Our replacement process is fast, quick, and efficient. You can expect the following things from our experts:

Replace Damaged Sidewalks Today

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide concrete sidewalk slab replacement services so that you don’t have to replace the whole sidewalk because of the damage to a small portion.
If your sidewalks are damaged because of tree roots, you are eligible for a sidewalk repair program by the NYC government for financial assistance.
For your sidewalk replacement process to abide by city rules and regulations, we need a sidewalk opening permit from the Department of Transportation.
The average cost for sidewalk replacement in Queens depends upon the type of material being used and the area of repairs. For a FREE quote, you can reach out to us.