Dealing with DOT Violations? Get Premium Sidewalk Violation Removal Services in Queens

Have you received a DOT sidewalk violation notice? Wondering how to get the sidewalks fixed according to the guidelines of the Department of Transportation? Well, only trust your licensed experts. We are the optimal DOT sidewalk violation removal experts in NYC, providing premium sidewalk services for over two decades. Our experts are well-versed in DOT regulations and provide services that survive the test of time.

Reach out to us today and get DOT sidewalk repair services in NYC.

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Things to Expect from Us for Efficient Sidewalk Violation Removal

For premium sidewalk violation removal services, you can expect the following things from us:

  • We remove DOT violations within 75 days of notice
  • Our licensed experts get necessary permits from the NYC DOT
  • Request DOT for inspection after removing violations
  • Follow city rules and regulations
  • Contact tree doctors for tree root damages

Types of DOT Violations We Remove

  • Cracks: Cracks, whether hairline or deep, can lead to DOT sidewalk violations. To fix concrete cracks, we provide sidewalk repair and replacement services and fix the crack issue.
  • Soil Erosion: Water pooling beneath concrete structures due to cracks or poor drainage can erode the soil. We replace the damaged concrete slabs and fix the soil for sidewalk violation removal in NYC.
  • Expansion Joints: If there are no gaps in the expansion joints, they can create cracks in the sidewalk concrete. For proper gaps in the expansion joints, we replace and install new concrete slabs.
  • Uneven Sidewalks: Uneven sidewalks occur because of water pooling, freeze and thaw cycles, or tree root growth. To remove DOT violations by fixing uneven sidewalks, we replace the uneven slabs.
  • Potholes: Big potholes can lead to trips and falls among pedestrians. To remove potholes, instead of patchwork, we replace the concrete slabs to provide premium sidewalk services.

Frequently Asked Questions

You might receive a sidewalk violation notice from the Department of Transportation if your sidewalks show cracks, potholes, uneven surfaces, or tree root damage.
To remove DOT sidewalk violations, you can hire our professional services. We are licensed experts and can easily apply for sidewalk opening permits from the DOT for premium fixes.
In Queens, fixing damaged sidewalks is your responsibility and you are held liable if someone slips or trips on your damaged sidewalks.
If you ignore sidewalk violation notices for 75 days, the Department of Transportation fixes the damages and sends you the bill for the repairs.